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    become an editor

    How to Become an Editor – Land a Great Editing Job

    Becoming an editor is an amazing career choice for aspiring writers, wordsmiths, fiction lovers, and book nerds. But there is enormous choice in the range of editing jobs available, and there are many different ways you can start your editing career. This post will outline four different editing pathways- copy editing, fiction editing, academic editing,

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    learn to code

    Learn to Code – A Detailed Guide (with videos!)

    Learning to program as a humanities person is one of the best ways to improve your employability and demonstrate intellectual flexibility to potential employers. At Human Jobs, we think learning to code is an amazing idea and have written an entire post about why it is so worth pursuing. If you are ready to learn

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    job interview tips

    Interview Tips – 3 Pieces of Unconventional Advice

    Interviewing is about standing out – not fitting in. There is no shortage of interview tips available online, but most resources just rehash the same information in a different format: be polite, dress professionally, know the company, prepare some questions, etc. These tips aren’t bad, but they will only get you so far. In this

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    writing jobs

    Entry Level Writing Jobs – Land Your First Writing Gig

    Landing a job as a writer is a dream for many, but getting started can be really hard. In this post, we highlight some fantastic entry level writing jobs that will put you on course to becoming a successful (and paid!) writer. Editorial Assistant Jobs Many writers begin their careers as assistant editors where they

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    luke sullivan picture

    From Literature to Entrepreneurship – A Conversation with Luke Sullivan

    Luke Sullivan – literature major turned entrepreneur and educationalist. Luke studied English at university and was on track for a career in law, before a chance tutoring assignment changed his life’s trajectory. Fast-forward thirteen years and Luke is the founder of the Modelex Education Centre in Monaco and Riviera Tutors in the UK, two of

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    job skills

    Top 5 Online Courses for Building Job Skills

    At Human Jobs, we are obsessed with building skills. Not only is continual learning a key driver for career success, it can also be a source of enormous intellectual satisfaction. There are so many quality resources available online, but today we start with our top 5 online courses for building job skills. They cover a

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