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Jobs for English Majors, Historians, and Social Scientists

You are skilled. Let it be known.

As someone with a background in liberal arts or social science, you likely have many impressive skills. But finding a great career and conveying your talents in a job application is not always straightforward. Finding jobs for English majors, historians, artists and social scientists should be easier than it is. This is where Human Jobs comes in.

Human Jobs curates job postings from employers that love hiring people with a background in the humanities. Are you an amazing writer looking for a new gig? Maybe you are an analytical historian who wants to apply her skills to contemporary political research? Maybe you even want to build out an entirely new skillset, like web development or data science?

Amazing careers await you.

From teachers to artists, from academics to activists, Human Jobs is devoted to helping you discover amazing careers and leverage your skills for professional success. We focus exclusively on people with a background in liberal arts and social science, so you can be confident that our resources and job postings will be well-suited.

But a good job search is not only a match making process. It is really about identifying strengths and weaknesses. At Human Jobs, we think searching for jobs is the best excuse to gain skills, learn new things, and train yourself to become a lifelong learner.

To this end, we provide you with tons of resources that have been vetted by our team. If you think you have found your dream job, but don’t know enough Excel, we’ve got you covered. Perhaps you are a brilliant journalist who wants to become a better public speaker. Our blog is constantly growing and is a treasure trove for those who understand that learning is the key to finding an amazing job.

There is no place for self-pity. There is only room for growth.

Many people find searching for a job demoralizing, especially when countless articles are announcing the end of the humanities, and the uselessness of degrees in English, history, or the arts.

But this is nonsense. There are countless examples of incredibly successful people from all educational backgrounds:

  1. Interested in leading a major country? Justin Trudeau managed that with degrees in English and Education.
  2. What about being president of Harvard? Drew Gilpin Faust led Harvard for ten years with multiple degrees in History.
  3. Or maybe you’d like to make some serious money. Bill Ackman started a billion-dollar hedge fund with a degree in Social Studies.

These people learned how to capitalize on their talents, develop new skills where necessary, and demonstrate the intellectual flexibility to evolve throughout their careers. And you can do that. Your background in the humanities can be an amazing springboard to a rewarding and meaningful career, but it is up to you to launch yourself.

If you start to feel self-pity and begin to bemoan society’s lack of respect for the humanities, stop. Go do something about it. Develop a powerful new skillset that complements your critical thinking skills. View your education as an asset and a starting point.

Rethink the job search.

At its core, Human Jobs is about re-conceptualizing the job search. We are here to help you discover amazing job offerings, and if you find a job that you aren’t quite ready for, we’ll provide the resources for you to get there.

The job market is evolving rapidly, and this means there will likely be more opportunities for flexible, non-traditional kinds of work in the future. It is already possible to teach on several continents, write news articles, and be a film producer all from your own home. This will likely only intensify, and the earlier you embrace the possibilities of multiple – even simultaneous – careers, the faster you’ll begin your journey to a successful and meaningful professional life.

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